25 May 2015

My pretty bunch of girlfriends ...

They all have cute names - like Gia, Stella and Alena. Just like your 
besties or party-friends who you pick out of your contct list on your phone.
Or your inventory. 
there are some girlsfriends I will always pick: Isla, Anais, Steffi or Helena.

above: meshhead "Stella" by Lelutka with a skin-applier by Lara Hurley skins
When you go to Zibska and take a new girlfriend home with you, you usually get something more
than just that - you get to take home some extra fun: a texture-change hud which
makes life so much more exciting as you get so many options
in one dress or necklace. I wish every designer would do exactly the same.

"Gia" dress /Zibska (new group gift)
"BNG331" hair / Boon 

But sadly only a few designers do that.
Luckily Zibska is one of them :)
In the picture above I m showing some of the endless options 
the texture-changer offers. 
This is not one dress but pieces of them put together into one picture 
with my photo-editing software gimp. The hud looks like this and as you can see
you can change the textures of bodice, skirt and hem seperately.

But hey, what am I telling you abut texture huds from Zibska that you 
(the happy Zibska customer that you are) don t know already ...?

Oh, maybe this: Gia comes in 5 sizes and is the new groupgift :)
Grab yours at Zibska :)

Have a great week,

24 May 2015

If you say run...

If you say run, I run with you
If you say hide, we`ll hide
Because my love for you
Would break my heart in two
If you should fall into my arms 
And tremble like a flower ...

"Helena" bra /Venus meshbody/ Belleza
"Vintage" skirt / Foxes 
"Sensual clubdancer 7" dance-animation / Abranimations
"Let`s dance" lyrics / David Bowie


21 May 2015

from A to A and back again...

I couldn t resist styling this dress when I found it
in my inventory only by accident.
It s called Alicia and you can find it in the library of your very own inventory :)
 The skin is an older release by Glance skins called "Anais"
but it s still one of my all-time faves and one of 
the most beautiful skins ever made in SL.

dress: "Alicia" / Jeremiah Linden
hair: "Devour"/ Moon hair 
skin: "Anais" / Glance skins

hair: "Kira" / Wasabi Pills
meshhead: "Stella" / Lelutka
skin: "Milla" applier for Lelutka heads / League (new)

Oh and while you re at it - try out the "Lucy" dress as well!
- It s cute too :)


20 May 2015

Don t call me Peaches

..or my cheeks will blush.

Giselle romper /Tee*fy @ collabor88
Callista hair / Blueberry
Lara skin / Lara Hurley skins


18 May 2015

kunst @ TLC

She knew from the start that this was going to be tough to decide...

He poured a drink. She lit a cigarette.
Then he did a lot of talking...
As usual. 

She knew where she needed the negotiations to go.
She had it all worked out in her head.

At some point she said: "Ok Mister, now you listen to what I have to say."

After he had gone it was clear that he wasn t the right guy for the job ...
And that she would have to get it done all by herself.
Once again.

No problem. 
One more drink and her mind was set...


[Kunst] Weston coat stand
[Kunst] Cigar box (open)
[Kunst] Brandy glass
[Kunst] Cigar ashtray
[Kunst] Brandy bottle dispenser
[Kunst] Weston bar stool
[Kunst] Weston end table

all available at TLC

other decor: 

house: Scarlet Creative "Hudson Townhouse"
room devider: 'N4RS Fenix Room Divider
sofa: -JoHaDeZ-Sofa "Tres" [A]


dress: Monso "Teacher suit skirt and blazer"
hair: boon
heels: Venus shoes for Belleza "Brenda"

Hills :)

10 May 2015

Look at me when you re here

The Jolie silk suit by ValentinaE. is this week`s
item for 50L friday. 
I m not going to take this off in my LIFE!

Suit: Valentina E. 
shoes: Candydoll
hair: Pr!tty

Hills :)

7 May 2015

Not at all beta

Unlike the new firestorm update
this new release from Kunglers is no beta version
but a totally hot thang ...

"Damiana" necklace: Kunglers 
"Summer wind" dress. OrsiniRed
"devour" hair: Moon hair


6 May 2015

Just ´cause she...

...is a living doll...

dress: Coco design
shoes: Candydoll
hair: moon
pose: Del May