18 Apr 2014

What inspires you?

I once asked some of my fellow bloggers and photographers what inspires them. 
"Music" was a frequent answer. Another answer was "other people" or "movies".
I can relate to all those answers as to a certain degree these things inspire
me as well. 
But when I analyse my working process I realize that I start with the things before my eyes. 
Sometimes I start with a dress that I find fascinating. Sometimes I start with a pose. What follows then is mainly trial and error.
It s not that I make a picture - it s more like I discover it.

pose: Grafica

The pose fair 2014 starts in a few hours. The poses I have the pleasure of showing here are from Grafica and Fri.day. Discovery time :)

pose: fri.day

pose: Grafica

pose: fri.day

pose: Grafica
dress: Gizza
earrings: Kunglers @ l`accessoires

 Pose Fair 2014, opening April 19th @ 

12pm SLT and ending May 3rd @ 11:59pm SLT!

Have a great weekend :)

17 Apr 2014

Kunglers at L`accessoires

These lovely earrings by Kunglers can be found
at L´accessoires during the april round.

"Esplendor" earrings

hair: tram
skin: The Skinnery
lashes: Redgrave

 have a lovely easter time :)

11 Apr 2014

Ella elle l´a

If I would name my clothes and shoes in RL as well 

I would probably think "Ella " is good name for my new heels. Thats because 
I like to sing under the shower. Coming to think of it, I also sing in the car. And at home. Hm I want to be honest to you: I sing all the time. 
Singing about Ella would make sense - those are lovely heels.
Lately fri.day has been releasing a lot of footwear, all slink feet add-ons. 
These add-ons are in my view the most practical invention since we have mesh in SL.

Elena dress / LPD
Anakoi skin / Pink Acid
Ella heels / Fri.day @ collabor88

8 Apr 2014

Trempe Mode - 1st issue / Spring 2014

At the beginning of this year I unexpectedly I received an invitation to join the young team of 
I felt very honored to be concidered and that appearantly my work on Hills n Chills and 
on my Flickr had made an lasting impression. I most certainly never expected this kind of recognition. 

I remember I saw Strawberry come online that very moment so I IMed her saying something like: "I m paniking here - help". 
And of course she did say the right thing that helped me decide to give it a try. 
And I m glad I did :)
The results can be found in the first issue of Trempe Mode Magazine. Together with an 
impressive line of talented photographers and models, a wonderful first spring issue has been created and I m very proud to be a part of this.
 Make sure to be checking out the lovely Trempe Blog as well.

All in all I had two photoshootings with such wonderful models like Vikeejeah Xevion, Xandrah Scavio 
and Louise Roundel which was a lot of fun and very entertaining - I hope for
both sides!
The pictures you can see in this post didnt make it into the magazine for obvious reasons: 
Picture 1: One of the models (Louise) is totally missing - I think she was  picking up her clutch....
Not a good picture to go into the magazine... :P

Picture 2: one of the lovely ladies (I think it s Louise again) is obviously picking her nose.... - bad picture.
I couldn t let the world see that.
Picture 3: I can t recall what suddenly got them upset, made Xandrah raise her hand 
and smack Louise but I instinctively kept the camera running ...

Later on I had to promise not to tell anyone about this and incident and
that Louise (quite understandably) had felt like kicking back...

But don t worry please - we did sort things out and lawers have come to an acceptable settlement. 
I know. I can literally hear you say..."Geeez...the world of fashion...!"
And you re right! - it s fascinating. It s fun, it s glamerous, it keeps
us on our toes.
So make sure to keep looking out for more to come :P

Hills :)

p.s.: of course there never was any nose picking, hitting or kicking on the set! 
I only made this story up. 
So far I ve had enormous fun and it was a pleasure meeting those lovely ladies and professional models. 
Thank you all :)

3 Apr 2014

A house on the hill

I recently moved homes.
Homes. A very important SL topic, isnt it. Do you have one? If not - how do you... I mean... where do you go to change 
your clothes or to check your make-up, comb your hair or simply rezz a box?
I rememer in my early days (and I think I told this story more than one time on this blog) I didnt have a home 
and when I needed to change chlothes or edit my appearance I looked around for a lake and went underwater. Hihi. It felt very private. 
Until one day somebody got into my IMs saying: "Helloooo!:)))" Zooming out I saw someone standing next to me - lol. 
I said:"Dont say you re changing clothes as well..." - "Don t laugh, but I actually was going to." 

 I recall one other occasion when I finally did have a home I came online and found I wasn t alone in my sim. 
Someone appearantly had rezzed a skybox in order to meet with a "friend". You know how it is, 
when you open that little sim map and see two green tiny dots on it, standing so close together, it s clear 
that they re not only just shaking hands. 
I think I got a giggle as a reply to my  question if they knew a good place where I can purchase a neat security orb system. 

Anyway I believe almost everybody has one or two stories like that to tell and it s actually very funny 
when things like this happen. 
I am lucky I guess that I have never encountered negative experiences in that matter 
or had my sim messed up or had to deal with unpleasant visitors.

The reason I m writing about homes is of course The Home Show that is going on 
at the moment and I grabbed a few things there. 
The Toronto-Wire chair is from Bazar and has some really nice poses 
I hadn t seen before so it was worth packing in. 

If you have time to drop over, you ll find stores like Mudhoney, Johadez, 
Half-Deer, The Loft and others that are worth checking out. 
Really lovely stuff to be seen. 


Have fun discovering :)

other credits:
"boys&girls #24" hair: Dura (typing Dura hair out especially for Thom !! ;)
"Venus" heels: Fri.day
"Dakota" dress: Maitreya

2 Apr 2014

Molichino at Fameshed

Some nice news from Molichino at Fameshed.
The earrings and necklace are from Kunglers.

hair: Tram
"Jilly" dress: Molichino @ fameshed
"Anacah" jewlery: Kunglers
heels: Fri.day

28 Mar 2014

Dance in Second Life Challenge

I know it s friday and I m late with my meme entry. Also I missed the book cover meme and others.
But when I saw the dance challenge I didnt want to leave that one out. 
Finally an opportunity for some couple dances and pictures of a dancing couple. 
I love doing that but not often get the opportunity.
Also it does make up a little bit for having missed the sexual meme. ;)
A dancing couple is just a beautiful sight and certainly a challenge for every photographer :)

 1. Which dance are you sharing and where is it from?
 For the pictures I went to Hazardous as I wanted to have a nice environment for the pictures. 
The dancefloor is right in front of you when you enter the sim. 
There you will find a box to click and inside is Intan dance system
It s the dance system you actually find in many dance locations nowadays and that is used most often in ballrooms. 
You can buy the couple dances preloaded at Intan. Simply click the machine and wherever it is you re standing 
the danceballs appear right above your head. So nice!

2. Which is your favorite dance in Second life?
 I don t have one particular favorite dance, although I do like the Tango more than others.

3. What are your favorite dance animation stores in Second Life?

In my early SL days I used to go to Aykeo when I was regularly going to house music clubs. 
They used to have the latest dances at the time. But havng been a host and manager in House Music clubs, 
Dj´s used to provide me with dances 
and dance-Huds so I never really spend much time in animation stores.

Nowadays I lost track of where to go and what to buy in order to get the latest dances.  
I m sorry I m not much of a help in that respect ;)

4. Are you a frequent dancer in Second Life?

I wish I had more opportunities to go dancing and every once in a while I go to GOL and listen to the music there or dance with friends. 
I do love dressing up and going to ballrooms. I used to do that a lot before I got busy with blogging and clubbing. 
I like the gowns and dresses, the men in tuxidos and suits. And if you want to meet new people 
can you think of a better conversation opener than: "May I have this dance?"  I am a hopeless romantic, I admit :)

5. Are you a frequent dancer in the real world?

Nuuuuuuuu! I rememer attending dancing lessons when I was 14 years old. Two of my schoolfriends dragged me along 
to take classes so I got caught up in it. 
My steady dance-partner was 18 already and appearently had decided that I was his type... 
He so wasnt mine and at the age of 14 I was
still having daydreams about Simon Le Bon and Morten Harket - that was it!
I was scared to death of that boy who tried to buy me a drink all the time 
and I was very relieved when I was through with those dancing lessons.
I did not take the advanced course ... haha

Credits... yeah... let me see..

dress: Baiastice
hair attachment: Lelutka (not available anymore, sorry)
skin: Japanese skin by IsoMotion

hair # 35 boy by Dura (typing the full name for THOM!)
skin: Elysium
suit: Kauna

Being chilled and smile ..

When the Modish groupgift arrived the first thing that came to mind
was fangs! It s been ages since I last put on my fangs and I never really was a vampire at heart.
To be honest: I didn t let Chilli have my soul because she asked so nicely for it ;) hihi
Yeah, maybe I am like that - giving up my soul for my bestie. But it s actually fun to 
imagine that one or the other might be scared of me - when I smile ;)

Credits? - nah ... I m practicing being mean... ;)

Have a great weekend
and better not cross my wayyyy ;)