29 Jul 2015

More Uber, more trouble

Some more trouble from Uber. 
I was going to say "new cuteness" from Uber. But I can`t!

I dont know how you girls see it but for me shopping is in a way
a necessity... a female need. A basic instinct....
No, I m kidding. I am such a scrooge
That is why I started blogging...!
No really,  I m joking. 
The truth is this: these days most of the review packs 
I get are for events such as Uber, Kustom9 or collabor88.

I not only (gladly) blog those items - no! - 
I also jump over to the event to check it out and keep finding
 lovely new things to buy!! Ha! Isn t that terrible??
Girls ... I can see you reading this and grin. Yeah.
Because we all know: blogging doesn t save you any money at all...
It s quite the opposite. Blogging  is a mean business really.
But hey... it s also fun, isnt it...

Pose: Grafica Poses

Found at Uber:

"Pandora" Sandals : Fri.day  (pic 2)
"Camila army front split" shirt: Emery (pic1)

what else...
"Susie" sandals: Fri.day (pic 1) @ Shiny and shabby 
highwaist leggings "temperature": tag (pic 1)
"Glare" glasses: Lelutka (pic 1)
"tokyo office" shirt: Fishy Strawberry (pic2)
"Miu" leather skirt: J.H. Couture (pic 2)
"I want you" hair: Lamb (pic 2)
"GFR334" hair: Boon (pic 1)
"Lou-Ann" skin: Essences skins (pic1)
Ljan meshhead: Genesis Lab (pic2)

Have a terrible shopping experience, girls... ;)
Hills :)

26 Jul 2015

News from Uber

The current round of Uber is open since yesterday 
and I haven t tried to get in there yet. 
But Kunst was so kind as to send me his latest release, 
the Detroit set that consists of a shelf, jar and a low table.

 Also at Uber you can find the Andromeda smartphone that comes
with a editable hud and a few poses. 

You can also drop
your own pictures into the hud and they end up 
showing on the phone :)

The hair I m wearing is from Lelutka and can be found at
the Hair Fair 2015. If you want to grap those 
you need to hurry up since the fair closes tonight!

What else....

Fri.day: "Faith" sandals
Muka : "lazy jumpsuit"
Aria: "Dietra" sofa (adult)

Hills :)

21 Jul 2015


the most beautiful new release from Essences Skin: Lou- Ann
can be found at  Kustom9.

The Instruments is having its 1st anniversary round!
 MOLiCHiNO releases the Hamza dress. 
The event has begun on the 18th July. 

Have a lovely week,

19 Jul 2015


 Julia meshhead by Genesis Lab
@ Kustom9.
The head comes as a gacha-item. The one I m wearing
is animated and comes with a facial expression hud!

hair above: Magika

Hair: Mina @ Kustom9
dress: Pixicat @ Kustom9

have a lovely sunday!

8 Jul 2015

He said it matches my hair

That new hair from Magika is just so cute. 
Its actually always a good idea to pop over to that store
and discover their latest releases.
The pants and top are from Drop and I actually found them
at the last Collabor88 round but they should be available 
at the mainstore by now as well.

The pictures I took in the Crestwick Island sim,
a beautifully created and amazingly composed sim
by Isa Messioptra and her partner Cipherscape.

hair: magika
heels: venus shoes
tote bag :coco design
pants & top: Drop

Have a lovely week.

26 Jun 2015


Estelle is the new Deetalez release.
The endless posibilities that skin-appliers offer are amazing.
I have always been a fan of  Deetalez skins - not only because they offer
appliers for TMP, Belleza, Maitreya and Kitties Lair.

When you ve been following my blog over the last few years
you have noticed that I wear Deetalez a lot.
Their skins are unique and very well done and have inspired me
 to shoot portraits so many times.

Estelle is probably the most beautiful skin for the Lelutka meshheads 
that I have seenso far. 
I m totally amazed by the beauty and the natural look of the skin.

So if you have a chance to jump over to the Deetalez store
you should grab your demo before you spend
all your lindens on the 50L day :)

Have a lovely friday, 

19 Jun 2015

Red lips and sweet dreams

poses: "syrthni" Grafica Poses
all clothes: Coco Design
hair: Fiore
skin: "Tila" Essences skins
shoes: Fri.day

Happy friday, everyone 
Hills :)

14 Jun 2015

Lady in a tux

Sakide: "Lady" Tux (black)
Atro Patena: "Scott" hair
head "Maya": Genesis Lab
"Superstar" cuffs: C.H.A.O.S.